Senior Wellness

Research has shown that the ultra-wealthy senior prefers to utilize in-home care as a way to age in place. The alternative is moving to a senior living community, which by its nature, provides a lesser level of service than what this discerning customer is accustomed to. In addition, most high-end senior care communities focus on the independent living clientele, and minimize the continuity of a desired life style and aesthetics when one transitions to assisted- living, skilled nursing or memory care.

Virimar is setting the standard in senior wellness by creating environments that will, by design, foster positive thinking and meaningful activities that continue to drive a purposeful life for our residents. By identifying and understanding a resident’s physical/psychological limitations, and encouraging a lifestyle to the fullest within a person’s limitations, we offer more than optimal care. We offer the chance to savor every moment, while reducing the risks of unnecessary illness, injury, and ‘increasing despair’ as more medical attention and care becomes a necessity. It all comes down to the execution of exceptional service – something our experienced team is ready to address.

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